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This is the Systems Saved Me Podcast, where we help business owners navigate their way to success through systems. If you want an action­packed podcast with step by step chatter from a variety of industries, this is the show for you! I’m Jordan Gill, Head Honcho at Personalized Procedures, a business operations agency for overwhelmed entrepreneurs. Listen in every Monday for a shiny new episode!
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Jan 30, 2017

This episode is brought to you by The Kolada Group.

Today, I’m talking about second-guessing yourself.


  • (1:10) Intro
  • (2:07) Example of Jordan’s second-guessing
  • (5:05) Lesson learned
  • (5:53) Jordan going with her gut
  • (10:33) Do a ‘gut check’
  • (11:17) Trust your feelings more than others’

Quote of the Week:

"You always have your best intention more than anyone else.͟"
- Jordan

Jan 23, 2017

This episode is brought to you by The Kolada Group.

Today, I’m talking about managing Google spreadsheets. My guest is Jen Glantz, who founded Bridesmaid for Hire.


  • (1:06) Introducing Jen
  • (3:07) Business before Google spreadsheets
  • (4:27) Overwhelming mess
  • (5:18) The process in Google spreadsheets
  • (7:27) Jen’ s tabs
  • (9:26) Individual client spreadsheet
  • (11:20) Jen’s paper to-do list
  • (12:55) Best financial investment
  • (14:17) Worst financial investment: costly little things

Quotes of the Week:

“I call Google spreadsheets ‘living documents’ because it’s ever-changing and there is a collaborative experience with it.” - Jordan

“I left my notebook somewhere and there went my to-do list. That is when I told myself ‘ you need to have a better system’ . So now I use my Google spreadsheet as my to-do list...and it allows me to stay accountable.” - Jen

Social Media: @JenGlantz

Jan 16, 2017

This episode is brought to you by The Kolada Group.

Today, I’m talking about bookkeeping. My guest is Danetha Doe, who is an accountant for mom-preneurs.


  • (1:24) Introducing Danetha
  • (2:20) Past financial management issues
  • (4:57) What led to Danetha’s current business structure
  • (8:20) YOU have to care about your finances
  • (9:23) Why people come to Danetha
  • (11:41) Step 1: organize
    • (12:53) Danetha’s recommendations for personal and business finances
    • (14:02) Step 2: daily routine
    • (16:07) Step 3: weekly bookkeeping date
  • (19:39) Financial freedom is a journey
  • (20:39) It’s easy!
  • (21:28) Danetha’s best financial investment
  • (23:27) Worst financial investment: expensive schooling

Quotes of the Week:

“I didn’t realize that there is seasonality with business – there are times of the year when you make money and times of the year when money is a little bit tighter.”– Danetha

“No one cares more about your money than you do. It’s like going to the dentist. Yes, they care about your teeth, but you need to be the one who is doing the daily crushing and flossing. Same with your finances – you are ultimately the best person to make those decisions for you and your finances.”– Danetha

“Waiting for tax season to look at your finances is like waiting until after you’ve gotten your report card to then study for the exams.” - Danetha


Jan 9, 2017

This episode is brought to you by Personalized Procedures.

Today, I’m talking about setting systems, not goals.


  • (:30) Intro
  • (1:07) Plans v. goals
  • (4:44) Tools of Titans quote
  • (6:42) Using system to inevitably succeed
  • (9:39) Why this is beneficial
  • (10:56) Jordan’s planned systems:
    • (11:10) 1. Podcasting 
    • (12:08) 2. Speaking
    • (13:32) 3. Outsourcing
  •  (16:48) Recap

Quote of the Week: 

"Losers have goals. Winners have systems." - Tim Ferris, Tools of Titans